Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Report of Group Project

I was not able to attend the project at the Shelter, but I was at the tables on campus during the week, and I thought we did a great job. We raised $412.45 in three days, averaging over $135 a day. I think this was a success because from the accounts of people that went to the shelter that the money we raised was very appreciated, so anything we could do to help feels like a success to me. I guess the only failure in this event was that we could not raise more or do more, even though we did a lot.
Over the period of time that I was in this course, I learned that global problems never seem to go away. That is why wars are fought, and why there is a such thing as politics, because not everyone agrees on every single issue. However, there are ways to get your message out there and do something about it. The most successful example is the Civil Rights Movement: fighting for what you believe in no matter what the costs. The Civil Rights Movement was a national effort, yet it started out in many local areas before spreading throughout the country. Local action for your beliefs can go a long way into making it a national effort, because everyone has to start somewhere, Martin Luther King Jr. didn't just start the Civil Rights Movement by giving the "I Have a Dream" Speech. Local fights may take time and a lot of effort, but if we put in enough of our time and effort, anything is possible.
When we started this project I thought I knew about domestic violence, but I was wrong. I did not know how common it was and how much it happened everyday. I had no idea the work the shelters do to protect the victims and help them get back on their feet. This project really opened my eyes to the world of domestic violence, and how bad it really is. It makes me want to do more if I can, and make sure something more is done to those who abuse so that they can never do it again. This project really influenced me and our class, and I believe you should do something like this every year, because you never know what movement you can spark next.